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All donations directly support the training and care costs of all our assistance dogs!

With your support we are able to give our assistance dogs to individuals in need at no cost to them!

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Tails for Life's mission is to empower individuals with disabilities to increase their independence and enhance their quality of life.  We are dedicated to training companion/assistance dogs to service the needs of individuals with medical and/or psychological disabilities.  Our goal is to foster independence, instill comfort, and bring security to their lives by providing a "best friend" for life.


There is a saying that "Dog is Man's Best Friend" and it is certainly not without reason. The positive effects of animals on people, whether suffering from an injury or illness, or even to combat loneliness has been well documented. In fact, animals are being used more and more as an integral part of patient rehabilitation. Doctors are realizing the amazing differences animals can make in the lives of their patients. A companion/assistance dog can provide a fulfilling experience to injured or ill people. A relationship with a dog, or other animal, can provide psychological stability, combat depression, alleviate loneliness and provide a sense of security for those with a disability.





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